(CBS) — NBA commissioner David Stern has canceled the first two weeks of the NBA season after more than seven hours of meetings on Monday.

The games spanning from November 1st to November 14th are the ones so far that are affected.

Stern says both sides are “very far apart on virtually all issues. We just have a gulf that separates us.”

To the fans Stern says, ” We tried awfully hard. We made, in our view, concession after concession.”

The two sides will continue to negotiate, with games being canceled in two-week increments.

President of the players’ union Derek Fisher responded, “I continue to believe that we’ve been more than fair and reasonable in our approach. ”

He continued, “this is what we anticipated would happen, and here we are. This is not just about dollars and cents for players. It’s about a system for our guys to operate under.”

Union executive director Billy Hunter thinks that missing games is just part of the plan and said, ” I don’t know if the season is in jeopardy. I think it would be foolish.”

The Lakers were scheduled to play the Oklahoma City Thunder on November 1st.

Comments (6)
  1. I am enjoying this~ says:

    Lets hope they cancel the rest of the season!!!

    Rich fools, people are tired of hearing them bicker over there millions!

    Bad time to show your true colors!

  2. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    Good, mow they can all study speech, how to use proper english: se wat um sayin, no wat i mean, tis es how it be”.

  3. ginny says:

    Cancel the season, i doubt that, in the big picture most people will miss it. Most of us are strugglig to pay our bills and keep a roof over our heads and these guys (owners and players) want another million or 2 in their bank accounts….give me a break.

  4. Mo Money says:

    Greed destroys everything, you know it is one of the seven deadly sins. All we can hope for is the NBA folds forever. No one there thinks of anyone but themselves any way.

  5. Cancel the season says:

    Why just 2 weeks? Cancel the whole season. Better yet, disband the entire NBA. Those greedy players and owners have added more financial burden on ordinary citizens. TV gives them a lot of money, they in turn charge the advertisers more money, the advertisers in turn raise the price of their merchandise. In the end, you and I are paying those NBA owners and players. I am tired of sudsidizing their yachts and private airplanes. Those NBA players. What can they do besides playing ball? Can they do a real job? Can they invent something that can benefit the world? It’s time to stop all these nonsenses.

  6. Kevin says:

    lets see owners make millions on the high price tickets, and who knows what ever else, players make millions and millions for playing a game that you can play at a park. now they want more and are not willing to compromise on either end. mmmmmmmm sounds like a Union. Oh yeah the players are in a Union. and everyone knows they dont tell the truth about negotation. the players dont care. all the high paid ones are not at the table they are playing in pro leauges or going overseas .As a one time fan I say cancel the season. Let the players go over seas and play or join the unemployment lines like the fans. See Ya lets watch hockey

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